Kamandal or Sadhu's Coco-De-Mer Water Vessel

Kamandal or Sadhu's Coco-De-Mer Water Vessel


Kamandal Or Sadhu's Coco De Mer Water Vessel

Indian Asian


Late 19th / Early 20th C.

Seychelles Coconut

Carved Wood

Metal Trim

The kamandal or ritual water vessel carried by Indian sadhus (renunciate followers of Rama) are revered as sacred objects in themselves. The mystic coco-de-mer, from a palm-tree once believed to grow in the depths of the sea, is the largest seed in the plant kingdom. The female tree produces a ''double coconut'' shaped like a female pelvis that can weigh over 50 pounds, making it the largest fruit in the world. The nuts were believed to have healing properties that could be passed on to the water stored inside the vessel.
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