Brian Sindler - Nocturnes

07 November 2019

Brian Sindler is an award-winning American artist whose works embody the essence of landscape painting. They have been called landscape renditions because they are not intended as exact renderings. Sindler grew up in a family immersed in art. Early on he studied music, eventually becoming a touring musician. However, the visual arts kept calling. At the American Academy of Art and The S...

Rebuild Notre Dame 2019 Editions

18 April 2019

 $2,000 tax deduction paid directly to Friends of Notre Dame; $600 production costs paid directly to Lamin8 production facility.

Appreciating Buddhist Art: Part Four – Ritual Tools and Symbols

18 August 2017

It’s impossible to deal in world art on any scale and not have frequent encounters with world religion; primarily because there aren’t five religions in the world, but somewhere around 4,200! Each of those religions usually has its own rites and rituals, daily ceremonies, and celebratory special occasions; and in turn, implements and visual symbols associated with their realization...

Tutsi Basketry – World Class Weaving

11 August 2017

Is there a single ancient civilization that did not create and utilize baskets? It doesn’t seem so, which means basketry may be one of the oldest art forms in human history. Unfortunately, the natural fibers historically used to create baskets commonly degrade over time, making it difficult for historical samples to be preserved. Yet, there is proof of basketry from ancient times. For exa...

Creating Sacred Space – Building a Meditation Room

04 August 2017

In January, 2001 an earthquake shook the Indian state of Gujarat. Known as The Great Gujarat Earthquake of 2001, it was previously described in one of PRIMITIVE's New Arrivals: During the earthquake, many buildings were destroyed and lives lost. Those will never be reclaimed, and while the quake gave birth to many stories of resilience, recovery, and renewal, it also presented the opportunity ...

Nature’s Handiwork – Introduction to Gongshi

28 July 2017

Gongshi can be loosely divided into two general categories: abstract and representational. Abstract Gongshi are commonly called “scholar’s rocks.” They may be reminiscent of coral or cloud like shapes and often have swirls, holes, perforations, and myriad caverns on their surface. They sometimes resemble famous or imaginary mountains and natural wonders, and typically appear n...

Deciphering Deities - Will the Real Quan Yin Please Stand Up!

21 July 2017

One of the most frequently depicted deities found anywhere in the world is Quan Yin. To fully understand Quan Yin, it is necessary to begin with a discussion of Avolokitesvara, the Buddhist Bodhisattva (which can be defined as a Buddha-to-be) of infinite compassion and mercy. Beloved throughout all schools of Buddhism, Avolokitesvara personifies perseverance and patience, for this deity is said...

Collecting African Art: Part 1 - Authenticity

14 July 2017

Generally speaking, what is commonly referred to as African art or traditional African art is artwork from sub Saharan countries produced by indigenous cultures free of Christian, Islamic or European influences. Art made by European people in southern Africa, for instance, would not be considered traditional African art; neither would artwork by renowned contemporary African artists such as Ibr...

Symbolism in Chinese Art and Antiques: Part One - Animated Nature

07 July 2017

The purpose of this blog is to provide the reader with a useful, practical guide to interpreting the appearance of animal symbols in Chinese art and antiques. The visual language found in Chinese art and antiques is so rich, even minor artworks can become steeped in symbolic significance. Chinese art has evolved over roughly 5,000 years, including approximately 3,500 years of written records. D...

Traditional Narrative Art - Balinese Temple Paintings

30 June 2017

The island of Bali is in Indonesia. While it can be described as an island paradise featuring extraordinary natural vistas and scenes of great beauty on both a grand and intimate scale, it is also home to one of the most complex and engaging cultures in the world. While the rest of Indonesia is Islamic, Bali is Hindu. However, Hinduism as practiced on Bali is endemic to the island alone. It is ...