Loose Beads

Tribal Silver Beads
Tribal Silver Beads  J020202-846
Beads  J0700-2710A
Beads  J0700-2786A
Beads  J0700-2785A
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2613A
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2650
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2789A
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2788A
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2880
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2795A
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2911
Loose Mixed Rings
Loose Mixed Rings  J0700-2784
Rectangular Bead
Rectangular Bead  A010623-077
Rosary  J1309-298
Sphere  J0700-2630
Spheres with Spikes
Spheres with Spikes  J0700-2408
Tear Drop Shape
Tear Drop Shape  J0700-2651
Tribal Silver Beads
Tribal Silver Beads  J020202-828
Tribal Silver Beads
Tribal Silver Beads  J020202-826
Tribal Silver Beads
Tribal Silver Beads  J020202-841
Tribal Silver Beads
Tribal Silver Beads  J020202-850
Tribal Silver Beads
Tribal Silver Beads  J020202-844
Tribal Silver Beads
Tribal Silver Beads  J020202-830
Tribal Silver Beads
Tribal Silver Beads  J020202-856
Lobster Motif
Lobster Motif  J0700-2505
Armadillo Motif
Armadillo Motif  J0700-2504
Beads  J0700-2496
Cross  J0700-2783
Incised Tubes
Incised Tubes  J0700-2500
Large Bells
Large Bells  J0700-2493
Lizard Shape
Lizard Shape  J0700-2503
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2291
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2290
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2298
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2294
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2300
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2292
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2297
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2295
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2293
Loose Beads
Loose Beads  J0700-2524A
Mask Shape Beads
Mask Shape Beads  J0700-2498
Open Bell Shape
Open Bell Shape  J0700-2499
Rope Coil
Rope Coil  J0700-2502A
Sphere  J0700-2490
Stubby Rings
Stubby Rings  J0700-2310
Tube Shape
Tube Shape  J0700-2501
Tubes  J0700-2407
Wound Gong Shape
Wound Gong Shape  J0700-2492
Wound Spheres
Wound Spheres  J0700-2491
Wound Spiral with Loop
Wound Spiral with Loop  J0700-2497
Wound Spirals
Wound Spirals  J0700-2534
Wound Tapered Tubes
Wound Tapered Tubes  J0700-2403A
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“Cultural objects tell stories; and in each story a simple message is found—all cultures are the same, we just express ourselves differentlyGLEN JOFFE, OWNER