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1. 47 Ronin
2. African Stone Monoliths
3. Akan Kente Cloth
4. Akwanshi Stone Monolith
5. Amber and its Healing Power
6. Amitabha Dhyani Buddha
7. Antique Chinese Furniture
8. Archaic Chinese Ceremonial Blades
9. Archaic Chinese Hardstone Bi or Disc
10. Archaic Chinese Hardstone Cong Form
11. Ashanti Akuaba Doll
12. Ashanti Orator Staff of Linguist Staff
13. Ashetu Ceremonial Hat
14. Ashtamangala or Eight Auspicious Symbols
15. Azande Medicine Pots
16. Bamana Boli African Fetish
17. Bamileke Lion Stool
18. Bamileke Spider Stools or Side Tables
19. Baule Blolo or Spirit Spouses
20. Baule Tribesman Mask with Pith Helmet
21. Bedu Mask or Bedu Plank Mask
22. Bembe Milk Vessels
23. Benin Bronze Royal Leopard
24. Benin Bronze Slave Trade Procession
25. Benin Mudfish
26. Bob Meyer
27. Bob Meyer Review
28. Brian Sindler
29. Brian Sindler - Nocturnes
30. Bridge Watcher Figure on Elephant
31. Bronze Foo Dog Incense Burner
32. Budai or Laughing Buddha
33. Buddhist Kangling or Carved Bone Trumpet
34. Buddhist Triangular Storage Box
35. Bug and Butterfly Specimens
36. Bwami Mask of the Songola People
37. Ceremonial Porcupine Tunic
38. Chinese Ancestor Portrait Scrolls
39. Chinese Bone Vases
40. Chinese Gu vs Furniture Provenance
41. Chinese Vernacular Furniture
42. Chiwara, Ci Wara or Antelope Headdress
43. Classical Antique Chinese Furniture
44. Classical Chinese Furniture
45. Damarau or Sago Storage Vessel
46. Djenne Bronze Ring with Horse & Rider
47. Dogon Kneeling Couple Bracelet or Armband
48. Dogon Star Gazers
49. Dongson Rain Drum or Frog Kha Drum
50. Fang Ngil Mask
51. Five Taras or Goddess Tara
52. Fragrances by Mark Buxton
53. Fragrances by Ramon Monegal
54. Fragrances by Strange Invisible Perfumes
55. Fragrances by Volnay
56. Fragrances by Xerjoff
57. Gan Bracelet Currency
58. Ganesh or Ganesha
59. Gela Mask or Guere War Mask
60. Ghar Mandir Shrine or Home Altar
61. Goddess Mahadevi
62. Goddess Saraswati
63. Gongshi, Spirit Stone or Scholar’s Rock
64. Gurage Kata Sleepwalker Post
65. Henryia
66. Heroine Koharu by Chikamatsu Monzaemon
67. Heroine Osan by Chikamatsu Monzaemon
68. Himalayan Masking Tradition
69. Hinggi
70. Holland Sheep Leather Furniture
71. Indian Pichvai Depicting Krishna
72. Jade Teacup with Dragon Motif
73. Jain Temple Fragments
74. Kogyo and Noh Drama Prints
75. Kuba Cloth or Tcaka Dance Skirt
76. Lacquering of Chinese Vernacular Furniture
77. Ladakh Ceremonial Attire
78. Lega Bwami Society Mask
79. Lithography
80. Lost-Wax Casting
81. Madonna Statue from French Colonial Vietnam
82. Mahakala Incense Burner
83. Mahavira
84. Mark Westervelt
85. Myth of Garuda
86. Naga Headhunter Shield
87. Nandi, Shiva's Mount
88. Nepalese Akshobya Buddha
89. Nok Terra Cotta
90. Passport Mask
91. Phurba, Kila or Ritual Blade
92. Pre-Columbian Coclé Pottery
93. Pre-Columbian Huari Figural Vessel
94. Prehistoric Knapped Blades or Tools
95. Quan Yin or Guanyin
96. Radha-Krishna
97. Rama the 7th Incarnation of Vishnu
98. Ranka-fu Orchid Woodblock Prints
99. Reclining Buddha or Buddha Entering Nirvana
100. Sanggori or Serpent Form Head Ornament
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Stories & Descriptions

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