New Arrivals

Paris Opera House: Inside Out

    The Paris Opera House - Palais Garnier, Tom Rossiter
    Paris Opera House "Inside Out" by Tom Rossiter, 2017; Photographic rendering attached to diabond; Image, 43 W x 43 H inches; Framed, 45.75 W x 45.75 H inches; $6,950

A Historically Unique Perspective

History is such a big word, even though it’s only seven letters. Technically encompassing the past as described in written documents; today, history is recorded in so many ways it seems like nothing is exempt from being chronicled. All this recording has made it possible to organize, present, interpret, and preserve history in greater detail; yet, it has also made history a more complex mosaic of perspectives coursing through time. There are so many perspectives on such a wide range of historical topics; it is frequently difficult to determine what is and will remain relevant. Some viewpoints end up on the historical trash heap while others endure; however, every once in a while a new perspective surfaces in real time that is clearly destined to have a lasting impact. This is especially true when it comes to the history of art, architecture, photography and this week’s New Arrival.

   Detail of dome of The Paris Opera House - Palais Garnier, Tom Rossiter
  Detail from The Paris Opera House "Inside Out"

This week’s New Arrival features a photograph of the Paris Opera House, known to locals as Palais Garnier. Produced by Architectural Photographer Tom Rossiter, it was inspired by the rendering style of the Ecole des Beaux Arts Analytiques. In a single instant this image presents the entire concept underlying of one of the most cherished buildings in the world. It integrates interior and exterior views while capturing details and vistas treasured in the worlds of art and architecture. In a moment we become like Superman, possessed of x-ray vision, capable of seeing the building “inside out” in the context of where it stands. The creation of this picture was not purely an exercise in architectural photography. Instead, it was a creative investigation of multiple viewpoints and disciplines, which resulted in a perspective unique to the history of art, architecture, and photography.

This image is part of the Exhibition, Architecture: Inside Out opening Friday, September 8, 2017