2 Tier Root Wood Table

2 Tier Root Wood Table
   Zhu Mu root natural wood table with 2 tiers
  Zhu Mu natural root wood table with 2 tiers

In the dim light of a candle, a master craftsman’s hand glides over the curves of a large knotted root, feeling each groove and whorl like a blind man. The root was salvaged from a Zhu Mu tree knocked over during a mighty, thunderous storm. After collection, it sat in the corner of his workshop to dry. The craftsman knew the process of turning the root into something functional and desirable could take a long, long time. After all, nature didn’t give up the Zhu Mu very often and its creation was never rushed. Every once in awhile he examined the root and sometimes he would trim a little piece to make it more aesthetically pleasing. The process went on for years until one day he took a small knife, carved a barely visible, tiny blemish from the side of the root, and with great satisfaction declared the piece complete.

Root wood carving is very much an art  
Root wood carving is very much an art form  

This week’s New Arrival features a magnificent two-tiered root wood table. Since ancient times, the people of China have valued the beauty of natural art, and this appreciation is manifest in this highly unusual, one-of-a-kind piece. The craftsman who transformed this root into a table was guided by the shape, grain, and quality of the wood. Yet, it almost appears the root dictated how it wanted to look, for its natural form has been so beautifully preserved. This is a piece illustrating how something as ethereal as the harmony of nature can be transformed into a tangible, functional work of art with skill, patience, and time.

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This 2 Tier table is a part of a larger collection of natural root wood tables available in a wide range of sizes