Eye Motif Vessel

   Ceramic vessel with eye motif
  Wood fired ceramic vessel with eye motif

 Ever since pots were first created in prehistoric Japan, pottery making has remained a revered art form. Today, there are thousands of professional potters in Japan who are admired for their skill. Although some come from prominent pottery making families, most are ordinary working artists who possess extraordinary skills. This raises the question; what distinguishes exceptional pottery? 

Ceramic vessel with eye motif  
A close-up look at the glaze  

This week’s New Arrival features a Japanese wood fired vase. Wood firing first came to Japan in the 5th century. In this process, pots are glazed in a wood fired kiln, and although the firing can take days or weeks to complete, the results are worth the wait. Wood fired glazes can be hauntingly beautiful.  Look closely at this pot. It looks right back at you, and in doing so it replies: exceptional pottery is always engaging!

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