Fossilized Shells

   Fossilized Shell
  Fossilized Shell (detail)

Long ago, before life migrated to land from water, a world existed composed of shell creatures living and meandering together at the bottom of a vast sea.  They were unaware that countless millennia later they would be discovered above ground, not below water.  

Featured is a collection of “fossil shells,” composed of hardened, fossilized sediment left over after the shell disintegrated with time. If it had not been for the powerful eruptive thrusts of the earth’s crust, the sea bed would never have risen to form an island, and in turn, the shells would never have taken their dramatic ride to the surface.

Fossilized Shell   
Based Fossilized Shell from Indonesia

The elements played a role in this creation - water receded, a mountain rose, and conditions changed so shell could erode and sediment turn to stone. Time played its role too; all this occurred long before humankind walked the earth. Did some unseen hand guide this process? We cannot say. However, we can question the old adage, “as above, so below.”

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