Giant Blue Morpho

Beautiful change!

   Giant Blue Morpho; PRIMITIVE I.D. #A1400-330

The iridescent colors of the Giant Blue Morpho change and become even more intense when seen from different angles; PRIMITIVE I.D. #A1400-330; $495, framed

In 1915 the world was introduced to the novel Metamorphosis by Franz Kafka. The story centered on the transformation of a man into an insect, impossible in all worlds except fiction. Over time, the book became celebrated as one of the great works of 20th century literature, required reading in many schools, and adapted to just about every conceivable medium like film, television, and theater. It even expanded the English language when the word “Kafkaesque” was coined to describe situations fusing real and surreal elements. Yet, non-fictional metamorphosis takes place in our world all the time. While it may be called Kafkaesque In some instances, in others it can only be described as this week’s New Arrival.

PRIMITIVE I.D. #A1400-330  

Morpho Godarti Didius Specimen from Peru; PRIMITIVE I.D. #A1400-330


This week’s new Arrival features a bright blue butterfly from Peru; its scientific name, Morpho Godarti Didius; also known as the Giant Blue Morpho. Given the heavy, philosophical themes of Kafka’s Metamorphosis, it is unlikely he was inspired by this butterfly, which can only be described as light and ephemeral, its iridescent color a hypnotic reminder of the natural world’s beauty. His choice of title though was completely appropriate, for it accurately alluded to the change inherent in all forms of metamorphosis. Kafka may have portrayed unsightly change; but the Blue Morpho reflects just the opposite. It reminds us how change can lead to pleasing, compelling, inspirational, and even wondrous, miraculous results.