Hanging Rose Wall Sculpture

   Hanging Rose Sculpture
  Hanging Rose Wall Sculpture (detail)

Perhaps the most famous flower in the entire world is the Rose. In ancient times it was considered sacred to love gods like Aphrodite and Venus. It has appeared in more paintings than one can count as a symbol of love and beauty. Its colors have different meanings. For example, red means love, white means innocence, and yellow means joy. It is the symbol of courage, kings and queens; the national flower of England and the floral emblem of the United States. Yet, for all its beauty and meaning, the rose graces our lives in other more practical ways. It is a major ingredient in food and drink such as jams, jellies and teas. It even found its way into both Eastern and Western medicine because it is a super rich source of vitamin C. The rose has many colors, many meanings, and many uses. Its fame is irrevocable.

Indonesian Hanging Rose Sculpture   
Indonesian Hanging Rose Sculpture

This spotlight features a rose, but it is a rose like no other. Created from Nyirih wood and found in Indonesia, it is a beautiful work of art, a non-withering reference to the enduring status of the flower, and nature’s way of reminding us that love, beauty and meaning grows among and around us all the time.

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