Incense Travel Kit

   African Blackwood Travel Incense Kit
  African Blackwood travel incense kit. Hinged lid secured by hidden magnets with removable burner. 

There is an old Perfumer’s phrase. It says, “The nose knows.” Somewhere along the line it found its way into the common language, perhaps because the nose knows many things that have nothing to do with scent. For example, in discussing the state of American politics someone recently said, “It stinks!” Everyone who heard the comment knew the meaning.

Sometimes you just know when something is good or bad, and our nose gets the credit – It’s called the sniff test.

 Travel Incense Kit (detail)   
Travel incense kit with 8 grams of agar wood incense (detail).

Featured is PRIMITIVE’s exclusive Incense Travel Kit. It’s guaranteed to pass many tests, no less one conducted by your nose. Made of African Blackwood, it comes with 8 grams of PRIMITIVE PURE Agar Wood incense along with a small removable burner. Wherever you take it, whether it’s an exotic location in a faraway land or the comfort of your own home, we believe you will find it useful, usable, and elegant. Why? Because even from a distance, you can smell it!

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Travel Incense Kit burning Agar at PRIMITIVE