Jade Ram Charm

   Jade charm depicting adult and child ram
  Chinese jade charm depicting adult and child ram

Do you know what holiday is upon us? It happens only once per year and is characterized by the color red. Ads are appearing all over TV, magazines and the web extolling happiness, harmony and love, it’s most prevalent themes. Those celebrating may feel obligated to purchase gifts, often with the expectation that “fireworks” will follow; and it usually does. It’s observed all over the world, but more in one place than anywhere else – China. Welcome to Chinese New Year 2015!

In the East, cicadas sculpted in jade or precious crystal are symbolic of rebirth  
The two rams are nestling a Ruyi mushroom, symbolic of happiness and longevity  

Each New Year in China honors one of the twelve astrological signs in the Chinese zodiac. 2015 celebrates the sheep, which is also characterized as a ram or goat in Chinese mythology; but not just any ram or goat. This is the year of the green sheep. The sheep represents peace, harmony and calmness; green is the color of all living things, of renewal, growth and creativity. Combine the sheep with the color green and you have a pretty good idea of what the New Year can bring.

This week’s New Arrival features a jade charm from China; its color a pure, natural celadon green. Look closely; it depicts two rams, an adult and a child, nestling a Ruyi, a mushroom said to bring happiness, fulfillment, and most importantly, longevity. If you are not sure what the New Year will bring, then hold this piece in your hand. You will feel the expectations of a year laced with generosity, creativity, joy, evolution, growth and progress; a year to sow seeds that will last a lifetime.

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