Japanese Parquetry Box

   Japanese parquetry chest
  Japanese parquetry chest crafted in the early 20th C.

The Early 20th century was a peculiar time for Japan. Traditional and western customs, clothes and ideologies harmoniously co-existed. So it was no surprise to an aging kimono-clad craftsman when a young woman walked into his workshop wearing a frilly western dress exposing her legs, arms and neckline. Her hair was cut boyishly short and she sported a wide brimmed hat. She needed an important gift – a wedding present for her sister – but she wanted something traditional, not trendy, with a hint of modernism. The craftsman bowed and nodded. The young lady was in the right place.

The symbols lacquered on the door represent marital blessings  
The symbols lacquered on the door represent marital blessings  

This week’s New Arrival features a petite box from Japan inlaid with various precious woods set in stylish geometric designs. It is called a yosegi kodana, which translates as 'small parquetry chest.' Technically a piece of furniture, it acted as a jewelry or keepsake box meant to hold small items of immense personal value. The bamboo and sparrows lacquered on the door faces symbolize resilience and marital blessings. In turn-of-the-century Japan, a hip young woman looking for a traditional wedding gift would be hard pressed to find something better; and in the 'here and now' the sentiment remains the same!

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