Ladakh Ceremonial Crown

  Part of a larger collection of ceremonial adornment from Ladakh, Northern India
  Part of a larger collection of ceremonial adornment from Ladakh, Northern India; PRIMITIVE I.D. #A1600-193

More than a Hat!

More than a hat, it can be composed of thorns, gold, silver, gemstones, flowers, leaves, or just about any other material a competent milliner can utilize. Although functional, it can symbolize power, glory, divinity, immortality, righteousness, resurrection, royalty, high status, lineage, and even tragedy depending on the association you wish to draw. Normally, you won’t see this on the street or in everyday life because it is worn only on special occasions such as affairs of state as a matter of protocol; the ultimate emblem of sovereignty, influence and authority. Can you guess its name? In French it is called a Couronne; in German a Krone; in Dutch a Kroon; and in English, This week’s New Arrival!

This week’s New Arrival features a Ceremonial Crown from Ladakh, a spectacularly mountainous region in the northern Indian states of Jammu and Kashmir. Because of its deep Buddhist roots, Ladakh has influenced the world of adornment far beyond the size of its geographical footprint or population. Like other world religions, the practice of Buddhism supports many rituals, which sometimes require elaborate costumes. Enter semi-precious stones like turquoise, coral, mother-of-pearl and carnelian, all believed to propitiate, attract and engage Buddhist deities, especially Buddha. The wearer of this crown wasn’t intent on projecting wealth and status. Instead, they were connecting to their deepest spiritual beliefs.