Marble Jali Bench

   Jali work bench from Rajasthan, India
  Makrana marble bench from Rajasthan, India

A Love Seat!

The "Tale of the Eternal Promise" begins on a balmy night in 19th century Rajasthan, India, when a Rajput princess and her commoner lover bid each other a tearful farewell. He was off to become an officer in the British army, which was the only way he could qualify for her hand in marriage. Indian officers in the British army were almost royalty. Neither knew when or if he would return. Sitting on a lavish marble bench in the formal gardens of the palace, the princess vowed, “No matter how long it takes I will reserve your place by my side here on our favorite bench.” It was a sacred promise made with a heavy heart.

This bench is finely carved in Jali style floral and geometric patterns  
This bench is finely carved in Jali style floral and geometric patterns  

This week’s New Arrival features an elegant white marble bench just like the one in the story. Carved from radiant white Makrana marble – the same marble used to create the Taj Mahal – it features motifs mimicking those found on India’s most famous building, itself a monument to love! Look more closely at the design of the bench and you will see domes, pillars and cascading arches, further connecting it to the Taj and the finale of our story. Many years passed until one moonlit night a decorated officer returned to his lover’s side. They were wed – and with vow fulfilled – the princess never sat alone on their favorite bench again.

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This Makrana marble bench is suitable for indoor and outdoor use