Marble Lotus Bowl

  Censer with Lotus Motif ; PRIMITIVE I.D. #A1509-076
  Lotus-Form Bowl; PRIMITIVE I.D. #A1509-076

The Voice of Stone

Chikka, chikka, chikka is the sound of hammer and chisel on stone; the sound of a skilled sculptor extracting art from stone. Chikka, chikka, chikka has all the elements of music: rhythm, melody, harmony, dynamics, tone, color and texture. Yet, it is more than music. It is the sculpture’s voice recited by the sculptor until; at last, it finally becomes its own once the sculpture is realized. Listen closely and you might hear the echo of chikka, chikka, chikka, whether you're tuned into a famous statue or a functional masterpiece like this week’s New Arrival.

This week’s New Arrival features a marble Lotus bowl. It is part of a new collection of marble vessels and objects hand carved long ago in China. Although no one knows the name of the sculptor who made this piece, they possessed the talent to sculpt one of the world’s most compelling symbols in a recognizable, practical way. The lotus flower is a symbol of purity because it is born anew each day from muddy water; yet, unlike the actual flower this piece does not need to be reborn. It is a permanent reminder of the lotus’ purity and a now quiet voice called chikka, chikka, chikka.