Miniature Yingde Stone Gongshi

   Yingde Stone Scholars Rock
  Yingde stone scholars rock

Featured is a highly unusual Gongshi. It’s from Yingde City in Guangdong Province, South China, home to a specific type of stone known simply as Yingde Stone, or more commonly as “chime” stone. If you flick it with your finger it sounds like you’re tapping metal. It has a distinct resonance, altogether different than the thud one would expect from stone. But that’s only part of what makes it exceptional. Its size is also extremely rare.

Yingde Stone Gongshi, or Scholars Rock   
Yingde stone Gongshi, or scholars rock

Most Gongshi are larger than the diminutive five inch height of this stone. It proves that something can be small yet powerful. But that, too, is only part. Like all good Gongshi, this stone has many looks. They change from moment to moment, from angle to angle. On one side, it's reminiscent of the Michelin man or woman doing a curtsy. On another, it may be a dragon with a goatee ready to take a big bite. Turn it and it becomes a toy poodle made of Swiss cheese. Like all good Gongshi or scholars rocks, this piece is fully realized. It is evocative, not benign. It has a distinct “persona” evident to a focused observer, and like all meaningful objects, keeps revealing more.

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