Mughal Style Coin Mold

   Mughal Style Coin Mold
  Mughal style coin mold

If only you could make your own money, literally. What would happen? Would all your cares vanish? Would you be any happier? What would you do with your time? Would you spend it away in idle pursuits or spend it in service to others? Maybe you would do some of each. Would you buy “things” exclusively for yourself? Would you travel or stay at home? The questions go on and on and although the answers may or may not be readily apparent.

Mughal Style Copper Alloy Coin Mold (detail)   
Mughal style copper alloy coin mold (detail)

This featured mold actually makes it possible to make your own money. It’s a coin mold from a far away land and time – Mughal India. It’s made of a solid ingot of copper weighing three and a half pounds. Regardless of how it’s used, it can serve as a gentle reminder – no matter how much money you make, it’s what you do with it that really matters.

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