Nomad Shoulder Bag

   Nomad Shoulder bag from the PRIMITIVE COLLECTION
  Nomad Shoulder bag

Be a traveler, trader, and explorer. Go on a sojourn, an expedition. Voyage to anywhere your mind can take you. Find a place where anticipation meets expectation and discovery is a way of life, where what you say and how you act is a true reflection of your feelings, where you are totally free. Let the world know you cannot be confined to one set of borders, one idea, or one style. Be a Nomad

Adorned with attachments from Ethiopian warrior’s jackets   
Goat leather adorned them with a breast plate from Ethiopian warrior’s jackets  

Our new, exclusive Nomad bags can be a faithful companion wherever you choose to journey. We adorned them with attachments from Ethiopian warrior’s jackets. Each is as individual as the bag itself, proof that you’ve earned the right to travel whenever and however you wish!

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