Palelintangan Astrological Calendar

   Framed Palelintangan, or astrological calendar
  Framed Balinese Palelintangan, or astrological calendar

Make Every Day Count

It’s a leap year and you’ve just been given a free day! How will you spend it? Maybe you’ll go shopping, run errands, or do something to pamper yourself. Perhaps you'll relax at home, read a book, watch TV or tackle a new recipe. Maybe you’ll go to the gym and lift weights, zone out at the movies, or do none of the above. Yet, one thing is certain. If you lived in Bali, Indonesia, your choice of daily activity would be directed in part by an elaborately painted astrological calendar called a Palelintangan.

This Palelintangan comes in a gilded and hand-painted frame  
This Palelintangan comes in a gilded and hand-painted frame  

This week’s New Arrival features an antique hand-painted Palelintangan,which loosely translates as “calendar of constellations.” It is used to determine auspicious days for a host of activities. Each cell represents a day populated with narrative depictions of gods, demons and animals; good guys at the top, bad guys at the bottom. Collectively they relate to a combination of five and seven day weeks delineated by vertical and horizontal rows, but these weeks run concurrently so the calendar is also read diagonally. It’s difficult to decipher so rather than read this calendar, let it stand as a compelling reminder to make every day count! 

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