Pillows from the PRIMITIVE Collection

   Goat and leather pillow

A pillow can mean different things to different people. Thousands of years ago a wad of hay wrapped in cloth worked wonders. Later, in Asia, pillows were considered a symbol of wealth and made of ceramic. They were also found in Egyptian tombs, made of wood, presumably to help whatever journey was taking place more comfortable.

Rabbit and leather bolster pillow   
Pillows from the PRIMITIVE Collection  

There might be more pillows in the world than there are heads, but the best have always been luxurious to touch, comfortable, and attractive!

Our newly arrived, exclusive pillow collection combines leather, cashmere, wool and fur in a wide variety of combinations and sizes that are pleasing to the hand, the eyes, and the head! They prove all pillows are not created equal!

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Mongolian lambs wool square pillow