PRIMITIVE PURE - Agar Wood Incense

  PRIMITIVE PURE Agar Wood Incense
  PRIMITIVE PURE - Burning Agar Wood Incense

The purest form of Love!

The smoke rises from a stick; not from ruins. It defies gravity as it curls, congeals, and bends. It is ascendant, but has a knack for quickly shifting directions and forming waves that crest and break into swirls. The smoke is not thick enough to obscure vision. Although thin and waif like, it is strong enough to remain animated until the end when it finally dissipates before your very eyes. Following the smoke’s trail might be mesmerizing, except the visual experience is superseded by a rare fragrance demanding your attention. It transcends all the synonyms for alluring, simple, and pure. It is captivating and calming. Finally, you realize it is the scent of this week’s New Arrival.

This week’s New Arrival features PRIMITIVE PURE Agar Wood Incense. Available in three different concentrations called Jewel, Sun and Moon, there is only one ingredient – Agar Wood - one of the most valuable woods in the world. The reason Agar Wood is so precious is not complicated. It gives off one of the most compelling aromas known to humankind – a deep, rich fragrance that can induce a sense of calmness, sensuality, and ultimately, love. Long after the smoke of PRIMITIVE PURE incense dissipates, the scent remains suspended in the air, softly invading your body, mind and spirit. It is an ancient, natural form of incense - a subtle, refined, pure form of love!

PRIMITIVE PURE Agar Wood Incense:

Jewel Grade: $179, 30 sticks; Sun Grade: $129, 30 sticks; Moon Grade: $79, 30 sticks

PRIMITIVE PURE Agar Wood Incense