Rhodipheros Journals

   Rhodipheros Journals
  Rhodipheros Journals

Do You Know The Ancient Law of Rhodipheros? Scholars cannot agree on the origin of the sage Rhodipheros. Some claim he lived in ancient Greece. Others claim he came from the legendary island of Atlantis, which supposedly existed in the 10th millennium BC. Still others claim he lived in Macedonia around the time of Alexander the Great, at least 300 years before time shifted from BC to AD. Scholars disagree so much about Rhodipheros, they cannot agree if he even existed. Nevertheless, there is agreement on one thing – Rhodipheros’ Law.

Available in sets of 3. Titles include Ideas,
            To Do, Travels
            and Dreams  
Available in sets of 3. Titles include Ideas, To Do, Travels and Dreams  

Rhodipheros’ Law is a metaphysical principle stating “It is easier to manifest something put into writing than left to thought alone.” In the context of this principle, Rhodipheros defined manifestation as “the materialization of what we think, feel, discuss, desire, or dream.” In short, what Rhodipheros was saying is that something is much more likely to happen if you take the time to write it down than if you simply think about it, talk about it, or imagine it to be, no matter how intense your vision.

This week’s New Arrival features a PRIMITIVE exclusive – “Rhodipheros Journals.” Each is composed of 100 blank pages made from sumptuous, handmade cotton wove paper. Their titles range from the practical to the ethereal, including Ideas, To Do, Travels, and Dreams, among others. Imagine writing down all you can contemplate, picture and envision – in short, whatever you wish to manifest – and proving the validity of Rhodipheros’ ancient law as all of it comes to pass.

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