Ruyi Scepter

   Ruyi Scepter Depicting  Immortals
  Brass Ruyi Scepter – Ruyi, meaning “as you wish.”

Over 2200 years ago, the first Emperor of China carried an odd shaped scepter known as a Ruyi, meaning “as you wish.” He believed this object was magical, an attractant to endless good fortune. Ultimately, the fame of the Ruyi Scepter grew to mythic proportions, exceeding that of the emperor himself. Along the way, parents named their children Ruyi and the object was enshrined in famous paintings and murals. Its destiny was to become worshipped as an object capable of granting 10,000 wishes!

Ruyi Scepter Depicting Immortals  
Depicted on the Scepter are The Eight Immortals along with a mysterious ninth figure  

This week’s New Arrival features a Ruyi Scepter, fashioned long ago by an unknown artist. It depicts The Eight Immortals, a group of Chinese mythological heroes who can fulfill any desire. In other words, they can grant more wishes than most people make in a lifetime. The Eight Immortals are the perfect overlay on this auspicious object, presumably giving it extra power. Yet, look closely – on this scepter nine figures appear. Who is this extra person? In the absence of the artist telling us, the ninth figure remains a mystery. Could it be you?   

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Ruyi Scepter Depicting  Immortals