Scroll Altar Table

   Chinese Scroll Altar Table
  Chinese scroll altar table

Altar Tables have played a significant role and served a singular purpose in most cultures throughout the world. In the East, family members would use an Altar Table to place offerings for their ancestors; Taoists would conduct ceremonies at the table and venerate the “immortals” with offerings of their own; and Buddhists would use it to give offerings to Buddha out of respect, not necessity. A great example of what is featured here – a 19th century Chinese Altar Table with a beautiful “scroll design.”

Scroll Altar Table (detail)
Scroll altar table (detail)

Today, in the West, a table like this is much more likely to be used as a console table against a wall or behind a sofa, the perfect perch for lamps, objects or artwork. You could certainly use it the same way as the 19th century Chinese; however, regardless of how it is used, this table will display enormous heart, soul and character, like everything else at PRIMITIVE.

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