Star Gazers

   Star Gazer (detail)
  Forged Iron Star Gazer, Dogon People (detail)

The Dogon people have lived in Mali, West Africa since the 15th century, wedged between two seemingly infinite bodies, the Sahara below and the universe above. However, they believe their history goes back much, much further. According to Dogon legend, they were visited thousands of years ago by gods known as Nommo (as in know mo) who came from a star system hidden behind Sirius, the “Dog Star,” the brightest star in the night sky.

Star Gazer

Featured is a unique form of Dogon art, forged iron statues called Star Gazers. Many people have compared them to sculpture created by Alberto Giacometti, the modern master; except unlike Giacometti’s pieces, Star Gazers look up not forward, their gaze turned to the carpet of stars in the night sky. It is said, Star Gazers are given to commemorate marriage; however, isn’t it possible they celebrate something else – that no matter where we are, what we’re doing, how far we’ve traveled or what we’ve accomplished – we can always find our way home?

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