Suzani Pillows

   Hand-embroidered Suzani cotton and silk pillows
  Hand-embroidered Suzani cotton and silk pillows

Spring transitions into summer, nature comes fully alive, and Mother’s Day approaches. It’s time to reward those who’ve given birth with a simple bouquet of flowers – natures beautiful, but impermanent bounty. Yet, in the landlocked country of Uzbekistan flowers are made more permanent through the creation of embroidered textiles known as Suzani, which translates as “needlework” in their native tongue.

Suzani pillow  
The hand of talented women can be found in each and every stitch  

The week’s New Arrival features Suzani pillows. In the 19th century, talented Uzbek women produced all sorts of spreads as parts of their dowries. More often than not, they depicted flowers, perhaps because flowers symbolize love - and motherhood. They did not know that decades later Suzani would be converted to pillows; but they certainly knew the sentiment expressed in each and every stitch would remain unchanged.

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