Tibetan Trunk

   18th C. hand-painted Tibetan trunk
  18th C. Tibetan trunk

Resolution Reboot!

In just another week 2016 will be 10% over and with it the suspension of many personal resolutions until the same time next year. New Year’s already seems so long ago! Yet, in some areas of the world New Year’s festivities are about to begin, accompanied by resolutions that are far more collective than personal. In Tibet, the New Year starts February 8th. It is marked by Losar, a festival signaling the beginning of the year and the victory of good over evil. During Losar just about every celebrant makes resolutions about how their behavior will bring about goodness so evil will be vanquished forever.

This trunk depicts the Buddhist tale of the 'Four Harmonious Friends'  
This trunk depicts the Buddhist tale of the 'Four Harmonious Friends'  

This week’s new Arrival features an antique Tibetan trunk. It is rare, in part because there was never a lot of furniture in Tibet, but also because of what it symbolizes. Painted on the face of the trunk is an image illustrating an ancient Tibetan tale, the “Four Harmonious Friends.” In this story an elephant, monkey, rabbit and pheasant all work together and standing on each others backs reach the fruits of a banyan tree so all will have enough to eat. While the tale is a reminder of how we can lead each other to goodness, the trunk is tangible proof that resolutions can be rebooted at any time of the year!

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