Transforming Bookshelf Table

   Transforming table/bookshelf
  Transforming table/bookshelf

In Belgium 1965, lived a banker named Alfred Coppens. Alfred was a fairly wealthy man, who lived a routine life. However, not many knew about his true passion of tinkering in his workshop late into the evening. Alfred was brisk fellow, strict with calculations and obsessed with pragmatic design. His father, a renowned carpenter in Brussels, could be seen pacing his workshop throughout the day, while Alfred was just a boy cleaning the shop. “Form should always follow function,” his father would exclaim.  As a child, Alfred recalled the Bauhaus movement that took the region by storm; He was amazed by the furniture produced at this time, so seemingly simple in form, yet tremendously complex to produce.

Transforms table/bookshelf  
With the turn of a knob this iron and wood table transforms into 5 shelves  

Now in his own craft, Alfred appreciated that same simple aesthetic but traded the bright lacquer and enamel for the raw surface of hardwoods and iron. With little space available – and much to his wife’s apprehension – Alfred would do all of his woodworking in the guest room. His most prized piece became, not surprisingly, his most practical – a cleverly crafted table, that would transform to a series of shelves with the turn of a crank arm! Crafted in wood with iron, this week’s New Arrival is the pinnacle of practical design. With just the turn of a crank this table, measuring 60 inches in length, can transform itself into 5 tiers of shelving! Like Alfred, you too can appreciate the fusion of pragmatism, superior craftsmanship and the labor of love!

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