White Jade Buddha

   Head of the Buddha carved in white jade
  Head of the Buddha carved in white jade

There is an old Chinese saying that goes “Gold and silver are valuable, but jade is priceless.” It makes sense given the history of this precious stone.  Jade has adorned Chinese culture for almost 5,000 years, and for all that time it has been admired and valued for its hardness, purity of color, and translucence. No wonder then that jade was the material most favored by artisans when creating sculptures containing messages meant to last.  

Han bai yu, or white jade, has a milky greenish-white color  
'Han bai yu,' or white jade, has a milky greenish white color and is highly translucent  

This week’s New Arrival features a Buddha Head carved from “white jade,” formally called Han Bai Yu stone. Considering the subject, it’s also understandable why this material was chosen to sculpt the Buddha. Unlike most jade that has a deep green or celadon color, white jade appears soft, milky and smooth; but like green colored jade, it is indeed durable. It will stand the test of time, and convey whatever Buddha is saying in the purest way possible. 

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