Wooden Buddha

   Antique Wooden Figure of Buddha
  Thai Wooden Buddha

Imagine giving up all your titles, possessions, and relationships; and embarking on a trek to find enlightenment and liberation. This is precisely what Buddha did 2,500 years ago. He traveled the land, meditated, gained wisdom, and along the way realized impermanence was an undeniable, inescapable fact of life. At the end of his life, he taught that decay was inherent in all composite things; but this was not a cause for despair because he also taught that each of us could govern this process by nourishing happiness to achieve peace of mind – a state called Buddhahood.

Antique Wooden Figure of Buddha  
This Buddha's robe, once painted red, is now worn and eroded  

This week’s New Arrival is an antique wooden Buddha. It was carved long ago in Thailand. Over time, its features eroded and paint faded; it lost limbs, appendages, and parts of its robes, and its patina became scarred by the ravages of time and use. Now, it perfectly illustrates the axiom – in the universe there is no refuge from change. Yet, this statue also exemplifies what Buddha had to say about each of us; long after being reduced to dust and memories, its spirit will remain intact.

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Part of a new collection of authentic antique wooden Buddha statues from Thailand