Yak Bone Phurba

   Phurba crowned with deities committed to conquering evil
  Phurba crowned with deities committed to conquering evil

Long ago, high in the vast, barren plateaus of the Himalayas, sacred ceremonial tools used in shamanic rituals were carved from bone. Among them was a three-sided dagger known as a phurba, used to consecrate sacred ground and dispel evil. The phurba could be laden with all sorts of symbols, but its power far outweighed its appearance, for properly wielded it could transform negative energy into positive.

The Phurba is also known as a Kila RitualBlade  
The phurba is also known as a kila ritual blade  

This week’s New Arrival features a monumental phurba meticulously carved from Yak bone. The top depicts three deities, all committed to conquering evil and creating positive influences. The center of the handle features a tool called a vajra, symbolizing indestructibility and irresistible force. Although other elements are present, these alone guarantee the power of the Phurba – especially when held in your hand.

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The blade of the Phurba is topped with a mythological creature called a makara, which can consume evil