Yellow Peking Glass

   Yellow peking glass brush rest
  Yellow peking glass brush rest

This new collection of Peking glass reflects the beginning of overlay glass production in China while appealing to aficionados with modern tastes.

Yellow peking glass vase   

In 1696, deep within the walls of the Forbidden City in Peking, a foreigner started an artistic revolution when he taught court artisans how to create multilayered glass with unusually thick walls – overlay glass. The unique process combined hand blowing and dipping. At first, the forms were simple, composed of a single color.

Over time, artisans added layers of multiple colors, carving through the layers to create objects of extraordinary virtuosity, but the importance and popularity of the simplest forms – especially those in the color known as Imperial yellow – never waned. Each piece in this new collection echoes a time when the Imperial Temple gave objects of this sort as gifts to visiting dignitaries. The sleek beauty of the yellow glass meant the bearer had been embraced by nobility.

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Yellow peking glass