Boli Fetish

The Intersection of Art and Magic

   Authentic Spirit Bracelet
  Boli or Bull Fetish now widely appreciated by Western audiences as a distinct form of abstract art; PRIMITIVE I.D. #A0602-413; List, $18,950

Consider a sculpture operating in both the visible and invisible worlds for the benefit of the entire community and not just a select few, a functional work of art whose animated persona is purely objective and supremely powerful. Imagine an object capable of blocking and vanquishing negativity, dispatching ego to the penalty box and rendering an all inclusive atmosphere. Cast aside definitions of magic, the difference between desire and reality or the notion of lucky charms, spells, and relics. Suspend all rational thought, religious beliefs, the defense of spiritual practices, and any preconceived idea of how reality is created. You will be left in the world of fetishes – and this week’s New Arrival.

Boli or Bull Fetish Figure Closeup
Detail of "Boli Fetish" showing residue of offering materials; PRIMITIVE I.D. #A0602-413  

This week’s New Arrival features a fetish from the Bamana people in Mali, West Africa. Known as a Boli, it may first appear as a lump of dried, caked earth resembling a hippopotamus, but it is now celebrated worldwide as an abstract art form. Yet, go beyond the Boli as art. You will discover a magical instrument capable of effecting profound change; an object residing at the intersection where matter and spirit crystallize. Although this point is indecipherable to everyone except initiates trained to use these objects, there is still one certainty. Upon activation, the Boli will powerfully eliminate fear and mistrust; eradicate any selfish or self-serving motivation; and ultimately, operate for the benefit of all society.

Part of PRIMITIVE’s much larger collection of authentic African Art

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