Bone & Bronze Bracelet

The Spirit of Connection

   Authentic Spirit Bracelet
  "Authentic Spirit" Bracelet composed of Yak bone, gold, and a Viking bronze button; PRIMITIVE I.D. #J1700-003; $1,295

BONE and BRONZE; they may appear different in terms of composition and use, but they actually have a lot in common. Both appear rigid; however, in reality each is malleable. Conversely, extreme stress will cause either to break, another similarity they share. Bone might be called the architecture of life, for it provides structure, support and form to vertebrates. Bronze is also used architecturally; for example, in the construction of objects, buildings and boats. Yet, more than anything else bone and bronze inform the historical record, which details humankind’s evolution, endurance, creativity, ingenuity, and extraordinary capacity for kindness as well as cruelty. Also logged into this account is the story of this week’s New Arrival.

Authentic Spirit Bracelet Closeup
Detail of "Aithentic Spirit" bracelet showing Yak bone beads and Viking bronze button from the 11-12th century; PRIMITIVE I.D. #J1700-003; $1,295  

This week’s New Arrival features a bone and bronze bracelet, a one-of-a-kind creation from Primitive’s “Authentic Spirit” line of jewelry. It is composed of Yak bone and a Viking bronze button. Throughout the Himalayas, Yaks have been used for thousands of years as beasts of burden. Their bone reminds us how the brain can domesticate brawn. Meanwhile, the bronze button illustrates the human capacity for invention and innovation. Vikings need no formal introduction. At various times throughout history they have been vilified, romanticized, and described as seafarers, explorers, savages, and pagans. Yet, portrayal aside, they have always epitomized the essence of bone and bronze.

Part of PRIMITIVE’s line of limited edition and unique jewelry called “Authentic Spirit” 

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