9 Phases of Love Card Set

  Nine Phases of Love - Trust Greeting Card
  Nine Phases of Love, Card Number Four: Trust ; PRIMITIVE I.D. #G1600-004PL

It's a Process!

Google the word love and in less than a second you’ll get about 6,720,000,000 hits; that’s billions, not millions. Near the top are all sorts of definitions describing love as a feeling, state, attitude, sexual attachment or attraction, affection, and profound emotion. There are quotes, references to TV shows and movies, and even ads from people looking for love, suggesting love might be an elusive commodity, if it’s a commodity at all.  You have to go quite far before you discover love might be described as something else – a process – which is a direct reference to this week’s New Arrival.

This week’s New Arrival features a special edition set of 9 Gift Cards called The Nine Phases of Love. The cards depict a series of paintings exclusive to Primitive, each painting corresponding to a different phase of love.  The nine phases begin with attraction, which is followed by desire, lust, trust, commitment, devotion, sacrifice, freedom, and oneness.  Give the set as a gift, use as note cards, or frame them as fine art. Produced with archival ink on acid free paper, they are more than simple cards -  they are complete works of art illustrating love is a process no matter how it is expressed.