Brass Lotus-style Candleholder

   Brass candle holder with lotus motif
  Brass candle holder from Nepal will accommodate 3" diameter candle

Many centuries ago there lived a legendary figure known simply as “The Lotus Man.” Each morning he would trek to a pond where lotus flowers grew, and as the sun touched the murky water he would meditate to the flowers as they rose above the surface and opened their petals, as if in slow motion. It was said the reflection of the sun in the petals caused him to radiate so powerfully he became the inspiration for the famous verse: “May we exist in muddy water with purity like a lotus.” 

Brass candle holder from Nepal  
The lotus motif on this candle holder appears to blossom from its base  

This week’s New Arrival features a brass candle holder inspired by the Lotus man’s story. After he left earth, his son crafted a lotus-shaped candle holder in his honor using an ancient technique known as 'lost-wax casting.' Magically, candles placed upon it radiated light even when they weren’t lit. They glowed just like the Lotus man did, producing a phenomenon known as “enlightenment.” Place a candle atop this candle holder. Look past the exceptional workmanship and you may discover what it truly illuminates will not fade with time.

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