Brian Sindler Plein Air Painting - Bay Bridge

  Bay Bridge by Brian Sindler; PRIMITIVE I.D. #A1700-001
  Bay Bridge by Brian Sindler; PRIMITIVE I.D. #P1700-001

A different perspective

In 1800 the use of the word landmark was negligible. Perhaps this was because there were not all that many landmarks in the United States at the time, especially if you were traveling westward. There was, however, an abundance of amazing landscapes and natural features attracting all sorts of people seeking a better life - not just a better view. Flash forward to 1937 and use of the word landmark was dramatically increasing simply because America was more extensively explored, and more importantly, becoming filled with engineering wonders. Of these, none attracted more attention or became more depicted in art than the subject of this week’s New Arrival.

This week’s new Arrival features a plein air painting by award winning artist Brian Sindler. It is easy to see the landmark in this painting. The Golden Gate Bridge sits to the right, shown at a distance from one end. Like many man made wonders, the mood of the Golden Gate relies on the time of day, atmosphere, and the viewer’s perspective including angle and depth of field. Yet, Sindler’s painting transcends normal perspective, presenting a viewpoint different than most other artists. It puts the bridge in context, suspends a moment where the natural and man made are delicately balanced, and finally, upon examination, expands how we may use the word landmark.