Bronze African Crucifix

   Bronze Crucifix, Tabwa People
  Bronze Crucifix, Tabwa People (detail)

Featured is an unusual piece of African art – a crucifix. There have been volumes written about the cross as well as African Art, but there is limited information about Christian African art. The cross was made by the Tabwa people, who live in the heart of Africa. Christian missionaries first met the Tabwa in the 1400s, yet despite their influence most Tabwa continued to practice a religion revolving around ancestor worship, and this is reflected in much of their traditional artwork.

Bronze African Crucifix (detail)   
Bronze African Crucifix (detail)

Although many people associate Christian art with salvation and African art with ancestor worship, this crucifix combines the two. Look closely and you’ll see three small ancestral figures beside Christ, their hands in prayer position.

The Tabwa believed crosses like this had magical protective properties. As Christian and African art it transcends either category, reminding us we have the freedom to choose who we worship and why.

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