Bronze Bust of Buddha

   Gilt bronze bust of the Buddha
  Gilt bronze bust of the Buddha

There is an ancient story about a writer who traveled far to interview the man called Buddha. He trekked over steep mountains and through lush valleys, along rutted paths and well traveled roads, and finally, to the walled city of Kosambi where it was said Buddha could be found. When he did locate the famous sage he discovered an old man who still had all his wits. His timing was impeccable. Buddha had not yet entered Nirvana. There was still time to sit down and chronicle the experience.

This bust of Buddha appears to be awake  
This bust of Buddha appears to be awake  

Are you the messiah?" asked the writer.

"No," answered Buddha.

Then, would you call yourself a healer?"

"No," he replied, taking the time to smell the tea steeping on the table.

"Are you a teacher?"

"I would not call myself by that name," said Buddha.

How about Guru?

No, I do not seek followers.”

Then you must be a philosopher!” declared the writer.

I do not speculate on existence. I only know what experience has taught me,” he said.

The exchange went on for some time. The writer kept on coming up with names to describe his subject – mystic, magician, shaman, intellectual, truth-seeker, and thinker to name a few – but Buddha defied being categorized so simply. Finally, the writer became exasperated and blurted out, “If you are none of these things, then what are you?" "Awake,” he replied.

This week’s New Arrival exemplifies Buddha’s response to the writer. A gilt bronze bust of Buddha, its serene face emanates a calm knowing feeling. Look closely at its features, past its perfect proportions, the quality of its casting, and the beauty of its patina. You will discover it is firmly rooted in the present, a steady reminder that true peace of mind is found at the intersection of here and now.

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