Bronze Pilgrimage Ganesh Charms

   Bronze Pilgrimage Ganesh
  Bronze Pilgrimage Ganesh Charm

Featured is a small charm depicting Ganesh, its trunk rubbed down after centuries of use. Ganesh is known as the remover of obstacles, destroyer of evil, and the Lord of Success. He is venerated as the God of education, knowledge, wisdom, and wealth; and if that's not enough, he is the personification of the material universe in every positive permutation. For centuries, pilgrims have carried these delightful charms with intention and purpose so they'll have Ganesh's help in creating a more rewarding and fulfilling life.

The trunk on this Ganesh rubbed down after centuries of use   

The world is filled with tales of miracles and wishes, all brought about because an open-minded person used a Ganesh charm to focus desire. The recipients may not have even believed in Ganesh, but it doesn't matter, because the ideas represented by Ganesh are truly nondenominational. Who wouldn't want more health, wealth, wisdom and love? All it takes is a willingness to see obstacles removed from a desire laden path, and perhaps a charm to help focus the view.

This week's new arrival came just in time to herald the new year. It comes with the hope that in 2012 each and every one of us will walk a path free from obstacles of our own or anyone else's making, a path laden with laughter, satisfaction, and wonder, and most of all, the hope we will all see our own path more clearly with a little help from Ganesh.

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Ganesh is known as the destroyer of evil