Bronze Zen Bull

   Bronze figure of a bull
  Bronze figure of a bull

There is a Zen fable that has been told since the 12th century. An eager student is sent off in search of enlightenment.  He treks for days and eventually comes across a bull resting behind a giant boulder. The two stare at each other. The student’s gaze is friendly and inquisitive; the bull’s is angry and menacing. When the bull stands up he is imposing; much larger than the boulder.  Looking down at the defenseless student he snorts and charges, head down with his horns extended like spears. The student has no time to run. He can only fight.  

Facing down this bull is very imposing  
Much like the Zen fable, facing down this bull is very imposing  

The student is barely able to fend off the bull’s charge. He grabs the bull by the horns and a fierce struggle ensues. Early on, the student finds himself on his back, the tips of the bull’s horns just inches from his face. With power unknown to himself, he forces the horns back and the two become locked in an epic battle of wills. Despite the bull’s size and strength, the student is able to fight back each advance until suddenly, on the tenth day, the bull withdraws, kneels down, and with acceptance in his eyes declares that he has been tamed. 

This week’s New Arrival features a bronze sculpture of a bull. Like the bull in the fable it appears impossible to tame, yet the bull’s fate in the fable does not end with taming. As the story unfolds, the student leads the bull toward home. As they walk along winding rivers and over mountains they come to truly know, respect, and embrace each other. Finally, as home approaches, the bull miraculously merges with the student and they become one. Although this fable may seem arcane, the sculpture is not. It is a tangible reminder that within us is the strength and power to know the true nature of all things.

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