Buddha Room Card Set

  The 12 Stages of Buddha's Life
  The 12 Stages of Buddha's Life Greeting Card Box Set

Celebrating 10 Years

Sometime around 2,500 years ago, a young prince left his privileged life to go in search of a cure for universal suffering. He took just the clothes on his back and a desire to help relieve humankind of the struggle and negativity he saw all around him. He meditated in the forest; made his way through towns and hamlets; spoke with people to both teach and learn; led an ascetic as well as indulgent life; gained, lost and regained followers; and around the sixth year of his journey found the cure he sought. He became known as Buddha; and his cure, peace of mind. In the following centuries his story was distilled into twelve essential stages, which are beautifully and elegantly recounted in this week’s New Arrival.

Life as an Ascetic - The 7th Stage of Buddha's Life  
Life as an Ascetic - The 7th Stage of Buddha's Life  

This week’s New Arrival features a special edition set of 12 gift cards illustrating the life of Buddha. They also celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Buddha Room at PRIMITIVE, which opened in November, 2006. The Buddha Room is a complete Himalayan temple nestled among PRIMITIVE’s other showrooms. Inside are twelve original large scale paintings, faithfully recounting the stages of Buddha’s life. The paintings were created with mineral pigments, acrylic and gold; while the cards were produced using archival ink on acid free paper. They faithfully capture the details in the paintings. Give the set as a gift, use as note cards, or frame them as fine art. Study them, and they might even lead to peace of mind.

Attainment of Buddhahood - The 10th Stage of Buddha's Life