Burmese Buddha

   Buddha (detail)

Long ago a Burmese artisan was commissioned to sculpt an image of Buddha from a small block of pure white marble. When he was done, paint was applied to the surface to bring the sculpture to life; to further define its features and render nuance to its already perfect form. Then the statue was put in place as an ever present reminder of Buddha’s grace, which is found in all of us.

Burmese Marble Buddha  

The statue did not sit for a year, or two, or ten or twenty, but for over 300 years. It was touched and contemplated, beseeched to grant favors and wisdom, and moved from place to place. Many hands held it, felt it, and desired to connect with its spirit.  In time, the paint wore off and its features softened; but these losses gave it even greater presence and brightened its spirit.

This week’s New Arrival features this petite ancient Buddha. Its face is serene; its body is perfectly proportioned; and it looks as if it has been carved from butter rather than marble, its features are so white and smooth. It sits as it has through the centuries – a quiet reminder that peace on earth isn’t just for the holiday season, but for all seasons, day after day, year after year.

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