Chesterfield Sofa

To the manor born!

   Chesterfield Sofa; Primitive I.D. F1506-001

Chesterfield Sheep Leather Sofa deisgned by Dutch designer Nico Van Oorschot; 20th C.; Primitive I.D.#F1506-001; $7,950

In 70 AD the Romans built a fort at the edge of their empire in the fields of Brittania. Critics might have described the fort’s location as the middle of nowhere; but it was situated at the confluence of two rivers on very fertile land, so it was self-sustaining and good for transportation. Eventually, the Romans moved on, leaving the settlement to the residents and King John, who dubbed the place Caesterfeld – translated as “fort-field” or Chesterfield – in 1204. The community evolved into a sleepy market town, and by chance found itself sitting on top of a large coalfield. Yet, Chesterfield never gained fame from its market or mining. It took seventeen hundred years and this week’s New Arrival to put it on the map.

This week’s New Arrival features a Chesterfield sofa; named after the place where it originated. Legend states the 4th Earl of Chesterfield commissioned a settee sometime in the 1700s; however, this piece of furniture didn’t just have a noble beginning. It had equal back and arm height, distinctive nail head trim, rolled arms, and deeply tufted upholstery – all characteristics making it one of the most classical pieces of furniture ever made.

Chesterfield Sheep Leather Sofa deisgned by Dutch designer Nico Van Oorschot; shown on 2nd floor at Primitive  
Chesterfield Sheep Leather Sofa shown on 2nd floor at Primitive, its British roots echoed in the framed Asafo flag hung above; sofa size, 70 W x 36 D x 27 H inches; $7,950  

Its style also inspired generations of designers and made Chesterfield an instantly recognizable name. Examine this "Chesterfield" closely and you will discover a mahogany frame, the signature nail head patterning of Dutch designer Nico Van Oorschot, deep buttoned tufts, sheep leather upholstery, and an enduring, compelling form.