Corpus or Christ Figure

   Corpus or Christ Figure (detail)

In deeply religious 16th century France, monumental statues of Christ on the cross were commonly found in churches and private homes. 

Some of these statues survived; many did not.  In many cases only portions survived; their significance still complete.

Corpus or Christ Figure  
Christ Figure nearly three feet tall, 16th century France  

This spotlight features the remnants of a 16th century French Corpus – one name for these compelling statues. Over time it shed its cross, arms, and even its crown. However, its compelling nature remained intact as the centuries rolled by.

Scientist Carl Sagan used to say, “In the universe there is no refuge from change.” This is true for the earth, us, and statues of this sort. Although time may have altered its appearance, its message and meaning is still left for us to decide.

A similar Corpus sold at auction earlier this year for an ungodly price – follow link to see how much.

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Corpus or Christ Figure