Currency Collection Earrings

   PRIMITIVE's Currency Collection Earrings
  PRIMITIVE's Currency Collection Earrings

In Africa, different tribal groups made their own unique forms of currency hand forged in iron. In the West, collectors valued this “money” purely as sculpture, primarily because of its appearance. Sometimes, it looked like weapons or tools; for example, swords and hoes. It also came in the shape of adornment like necklaces, arm bands and anklets, flowers, or even animals like snakes. The shapes of African currencies made them collectible – even inspirational.

Each peice is hand crafted sterling silver based on rare African currency forms  

This week’s New Arrival features sterling silver earrings, their forms based on rare currencies found in PRIMITIVE’s collections. The original currencies were objects of prestige, symbolizing the owner’s pride, affluence, and standing within the community. Earrings based on their shapes are a bridge between Africa and the Western world. They elevate the status of the wearer, merging art and fashion in a way that is distinctly primitive.

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