Dragon Pipe

   Eshu Shrine Figural Group from the Yoruba People; Nigeria, West Africa; Wood, Leather and Cowrie Shells; 20th C.; PRIMITIVE ID# A1702-029

Dragon head pipe composed of ebony, sterling silver, 18 & 24 karat gold, and jade with accompanying shagreen, sterling and amber case; PRIMITIVE I.D. #A1702-029; $4,295

Pig Tales: The Dragon Pipe

During a rest stop on the precarious 10,000 foot climb to Paro Taktshang, otherwise known as the Tiger’s Nest Temple in Bhutan, Pig told the compelling tale of the Dragon Pipe, this week’s New Arrival. Lying in a thick patch of familiar looking weeds at the side of a sacred trail, she asked, “Do you know the purpose of the pipe?” I answered no, but secretly suspected it had something to do with the plants surrounding her. “That’s not what it’s for!” she exclaimed. I forgot to mention Pig can read minds, time travel, make the obscure obvious and warm hearts by telling tall tales that always turn out true. She has also been our constant companion on countless world travels for Primitive.

Pig lying in a familiar looking patch of weeds on the way up to The Tiger’s Nest  

Pig lying in a familiar looking patch of weeds on the journey to The Tiger’s Nest in Bhutan


Pig then recounted the story of the pipe. “Back when tigers could fly,” she began, “a tigress flew a devout monk up to its nest. Soon, both found they needed guidance from a dragon to fulfill their destiny. The dragon warmed the air with its breath, creating the mist of enlightenment. Look up, you can still see it.” Sure enough, a fine mist hung far above us. “But not everyone can climb this high,” she continued, “So the dragon made a magic pipe to breathe the mist from anywhere.” I asked, “What do you burn to get the mist?” She quickly answered. “You don’t burn anything. Just breathe through the pipe with purpose. The tiger will fly you to the mist – and the dragon will help you land!”