Duke Bar

   The Duke Bar by Ralph Lauren
  The Duke Bar by Ralph Lauren

The Original Ralph Lauren Duke Bar

Imagine you’re in a sumptuous room inside a stately manor house. The paneled walls have a soft sheen from years of polishing. They are lined with family portraits gazing upon honored guests. The men are in tuxedos, women in gowns, and everyone is carrying a crystal tumbler or champagne flute. They are congregated in small groups discussing courtships, conspiracies, and the dominant story of the day – politics. The mood is polite even though times are momentous. At one end of the room the host is engaged in intimate conversation with an august politician. They flank an exquisite free standing bar. “You shall prevail if people see through the ire," said the host. "Your positions are functional, well designed, and smart. In fact, they are elegant.” 

“Like your bar,” came the speedy reply. 

The Duke Bar sports a rosewood veneer, stainless hardware and gullwing doors  
The rosewood and stainless steel Duke Bar has Art Deco roots and features the sophisticated design of gull wing doors  

This week’s New Arrival features the Duke Bar from Ralph Lauren Home. The cathedral shaped grain of polished rosewood is seamlessly matched to shimmering stainless steel trim and pulls. The vertical side doors maintain a tight, graceful radius reminiscent of a classical gull wing coupe. Although the piece has Art Deco roots, it is at home in any sophisticated environment. Yet, look further and discover something more. Transcending timeless design and exquisite craftsmanship is an unmistakable presence. It inspires us to contemplate all our positions, no matter how casual or consequential.

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The Duke Bar's gullwing doors a clasisc coupe