Brian Sindler

Who is to say that the things we see – all the colors, shapes, and textures of the world – are viewed the same through every eye? In fact, recent research has suggested that they are not. Color is derived from experience and which two people have identical experiences of the world? The work of an artist is and always has been to paint, whether with visuals, words or sounds, their interpretations of the world as they live, breathe, and feel it.

Brian Sindler is an award-winning artist whose works embody the essence of visceral landscape renditions. Though his formal education in visual art would only begin later in life, Brian grew up in a family immersed in art. He himself delved into music from a young age and fine-tuned the chords of creativity.

At the American Academy of Art and later The School of Representational Art Brian studied traditional figurative painting until the day his friend invited him to leave the atelier and paint under the sun. Mildly frustrated with his initial attempts at landscape painting, he decided to return to the model called Nature until he 'got the hang of it.' Before he knew it, some ten years had passed and never once had he missed the static quality of figure drawing.

It would be easy to label Brian as a landscape or plein air artist but his works encompass a far greater depth and complexity to be relegated to a single style. Absorbing, and making his own, the countless influences he has come across, Brian developed a visual language that stretches across the borders of landscape painting, conceptualism, realism, even surrealism.

Shapes, color and light are central themes in his artistic process. From his initial sketches to the finished piece, Brian thinks in terms of shape, be it a mass of trees, the ground, water, sky or the clouds. A sense of fluidity permeates his paintings, making one almost believe that a breeze could rustle the leaves any minute or shift a cloud over the moon. His subtleness of color, giving life to the early morning and late evening shades that dye the land, is deceiving of the artist’s extremely limited palette – and a tribute to his dexterity of mixing colors. Limitations to Brian are not constraints, they are opportunities to discover new ideas and stretch the horizons of creativity.

Demonstrating the true mark of a master, Brian Sindler has created a distinct visual language that contains both the power to move and at the same time, a soothing tranquility. Brian's paintings do not reflect what he has seen. They reflect what he has felt and what he has been inspired by. From a world only he can grasp and understand, Brian shows us through a potent mix of skill and intensity what it is like to view the world, not as he sees it, but as he feels it.